THE Premium 12 Month PRIVATE COACHING Program

Join this Private 12-month Coaching program for the high-achieving business-woman-on-a-mission who has the business basics in place and is ready to step more fully into making an impact and leverage her time and talents to take her business to the next level.

Changing your mindset around your life and business is crucial to get you out of your own way and what better way to do that with 1:1 support from Catherine. If you know it’s time to reduce the overwhelm and increase your level of personal satisfaction by creating leverage in your business: you could leverage on how you use your time, your skills, your marketing systems, and your support structures…as well as your ability to manifest with even more ease.

It’s about multiplying your personal productivity and beginning to work more in flow… smarter, not harder. It’s also time for you to get clear on your priorities, so you get out of overwhelm and avoid the inevitable burn-out headed your way if you continue this pace.

If anything, it’s time for you to let go of the control and get support.

Then, it’s time to create more passive and leveraged income revenue so you can serve so many more people than you’re currently serving, while finally having some time off and taking care of yourself – and your loved ones.

This 12 month private coaching program gives you one-on-one access to Catherine and offers you BIG thinking experiences to grow your business FAST while leveraging your efforts and making more money. In these limited one on one coaching packages, Catherine will work with you directly to create your fast-track plan to manifesting a life and a business that is even more fulfilling and rewarding.


having one-on-one coaching to take your business and your lifestyle beyond where you are now, making you finally see what else is possible with your life.

Remove what isn’t working so you can focus on liberating yourself and having a business you are proud of!


Here’s to your success!