THE Live 7 Module Group Training Program

Are you ready to Elevate?


Elevate your sales


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Elevate your income

Get clarity around accelerating your passion into a thriving and spiritually rich business with this Live 7 Module Training.

Do you need clarity, direction and to find you fastest path to confidently getting more clients?

Then we’ve created this training for you. We’ve worked with hundreds of women over the past 5 years, and we’ve poured all of our wisdom and knowledge into creating a program that truly meets you where you are AND gives you the proven pathway to create a business that encourages you to have the courage to face your light so you can live a life you love.

Our clients rave about our content because it’s so result-driven and streamlined. You take action only what you need right now. Everything else can wait.

And the results that our clients have achieved by applying what they’ve learned are truly inspiring:

Gilly created her online program during the course, secured amazing partnership opportunities and a steady stream of breakthrough sessions, and is now charging $2.5k for her program.

Debra created her new branding and website programs, launched a 10 day video challenge, and is now consistently bringing in her monthly financial target, and manages to fit in spending quality time with her gorgeous 2 year old son.

Catherine S achieved her goal of having her first NZ tour, finished a book and became crystal clear about her focus to financial success.

Donna created a new program that perfectly blends her gifts and talents and had her first $15k month.

Melissa learned how to manifest money and earned back the investment required for Elevate within just 20 days!

These women came into the program with the same challenges you may have: lacking clarity over what you’re offering, under-earning, out-of-flow and unsure how to make their business viable.


Elevate gave them a proven path to transform their experience. If you’re really ready to do this thing, and you’re really ready to receive powerful coaching to get out of your own way… It can do the same for you.   



It focuses on helping you understand the practical and Universal principles of building a business, so you can first grasp these concepts yourself then teach it to others through your mission based business.


It was born as a result of my participation in ‘mainstream’ coaching programs, as well as my training as a Law of Attraction practitioner and having as deep knowing of Spiritual knowledge about how to achieve success, shift your beliefs and mindset and market your business so you can make more money, help more people and live a brilliant life.

What I saw over the years, was an imbalance between what was being taught at a practical level and what was actually happening. Time and time again, I watched, first in myself and then in countless others, as success was NOT achieved through traditional marketing and business building principles.

What I came to understand was that there is a direct correlation between the way you ‘feel’ about your business and money which affects the actions you take, and the results you get. What intrigued me was the better I felt, the more I believed in myself, the more confidence I had, the more people I attracted to support my business growth and the more miracles I manifested – including money.

“How can I be of the greatest service doing that which I most enjoy doing?”– Earl Nightingale



If you are really not sure what’s next for you with your sales ladder and client attraction plan and you need some direction, clarity and tools to get you clear, you need someone to show you how to set your lofty goals and how to achieve them. (You have ideas for your business  – but you are at a crossroads).

The Elevate Training® is perfect for you…


You will be with a like-minded group of Business Women On A Mission who too want to Turn Their Passion Into A Thriving And Spiritually Rich Business

Your investment is $997 (a saving of $1000!) and you get 7 Modules of live Elevate Training so you can create your next 90 day money, marketing (and magic) plan, 7 live calls, a group of magic like-minded women in business to celebrate with you on the journey, 2 x 1:1 sessions with me (worth the value of the training alone!) and weekly accountability as well as a ticket to Inspire and Ignite.

7 Modules of training - on Tuesday you'll have the Module delivered to you in the form of a worksheet. On Wednesday we'll have a group call to hot seat, brainstorm and review the training.

Bonus Introduction AND Finale Call

The Training will run over 8 weeks with each week, Catherine delivering the Module for the week often using your businesses as a example and hot-seating those in attendance to amplify the learnings.

Training classes are by application to ensure high impact connections and learning

Accountability with your weekly buddy

Free ticket to Inspire and Ignite Live Experience

2 x 45 minute 1:1 calls during the Training included, with Catherine, to help you get strategic with your planning, or guide you out of your own way.

Content: We will be build your 90 day strategic plan, including your Social Media Marketing Strategy along with weekly Mindset and Money Breakthroughs.


Here are the steps we cover in the 7 week program:
  • Introductory Call: Setting Intentions

    • Let’s get you on-board with this introduction call and set your intentions up for the ongoing support and accountability that will help you break through the blocks, kick you into gear, get you focused and in flow with your new Mastermind!

    • BONUS: Letting Go Meditation to set you up for success

  • Module One: Clarity, Vision and Your Soul’s Desires

    • Module One is getting you into alignment with you and your business desires. You CAN have the things that your Soul wants. When your Soul is fully in alignment, it drives how you make decisions, how you feel about yourself and how you show up in your business. Through these activities you can be following your passion so you can be sure that you are creating and manifesting in your highest truth.

    • BONUS: Your ‘Soul-Intended Day’ Template to help you get even more aligned with your vision.

  • Module Two: Your 6 Figure Business Plan

    • Module Two is centred around having a plan for your 6 figure success.
      When you know the steps you need to take, HAVE A ONE PAGE BUSINESS PLAN and the order in which to implement, you can get to your business goals faster. We will go through the process together and help you map the 5 step you need master in order to take that quantum leap.

    • BONUS: ‘The 4 Phases of the Client Attraction Process’ Checklist to help you grow your 6 figure business faster.

  • Module Three: Your Money Set Point

    • This Module is focused on your Money Mindset and your Money Set Point. You are encouraged to shift what’s not serving you and your relationship with money and shown how to let it go. Ladies, how you “Do” money is how you do everything!

      You’ll end this Module taking aligned action, quoting your new fees with confidence, and taking time to really receive and feel the experience of receiving that money, with gratitude.

    • BONUS: The Knowing Doing Gap Video

  • Module Four: Create Your Model

    • During this Module, I’m going to help you build your business model, choosing the best one for you so you can enjoy maximum results with minimum time and effort. No matter which model you choose, you’ll learn how to create a sales strategy that creates a natural path of ascension so that your ideal people are able to sample your offerings at lower price points and gradually move up to the highest levels of working with you, at your highest price points, easily and authentically.

    • BONUS: Your Money Blueprint Revenue Breakthrough tool, so you can map out the sales of each one of your offerings you need to make in each month to meet your desired financial goals.

  • Module Five: Conversations That Close

    • Module Five will help you to take your warm leads and show you how to confidently ask for the money, in a way that aligns with your values, using a scripted conversation. The focus will be on having and winning sales conversations so you can help more people with your product or service and in the process, make more money. We will do a live example so you can watch the process in practice.

    • BONUS: Handling Objections Template including what to say and how to say it (and how objections mirror your own fears).

  • Module Six: Systems and Strategies That Work

    • This Module will give you my personal team and time secrets to help you break the 6 figure barrier (even if you’re new in business or on a budget). With these tried and tested techniques you will be on top of your game and in sync with the growth of your business.

    • BONUS: Social Media Marketing Template to help you map out your strategy

  • Module Seven: Your Next 90 days

    • Module Seven will give you the confidence of moving forward over the next 90 days and show you how to eliminate your financial anxiety by having a plan, so you can continue to create a cushion of cash and a steady stream of good fortune flowing in.

      You’ll also set further intentions in keeping with Napoleon Hill’s philosophy from Think and Grow Rich and learn how to flow, not struggle.

    • BONUS: 90 Day Plan Template that you can use every quarter

Here’s your next step! 

We’re committed to you getting exactly what you need in your business. That’s why enrollment in the Elevate Training® is by appointment only.


The next step is to book a time that suits/fill in this application and then have a call with us, so we can help you determine if this program is a fit for you.


To apply and book your call, simply click on the button below to complete your application and schedule a conversation. That’s it!

So What Happens If We Feel It IS A Fit?

Once you’ve had a chance to ask any/all of your questions about Elevate Training®, Catherine will share your options for completing your investment. (The investment will be actioned during your call.)

If either party decides the program is not a fit for any reason, there is absolutely no obligation for anything further. No questions asked.

(If you’ve already attended the Introduction call on and you liked what you experienced, and just want to go ahead, then drop us an email at support@catherinenewton.com and we’ll take care of it for you).

Are You Ready To Add $2,500-$10,000 to your Business each month,
doing what You LOVE?

The next 2 months and beyond have the power to change your business direction and your life so that you are on your path to letting go of old habits, patterns and limiting money stories and instead forge your way forward gathering momentum and clarity.

Pay in full today and save over $200
Full price – $997
Spread your payments over the next five weeks
– $400 deposit PLUS 4 x $200 payments

You could be a part of a community of motivated, action-taking, business-women-on-a-mission who will act as your cheerleaders and hold you in your brilliance as you lay the foundation for your successful sales ladder, adding $2,500-$10,000 per month to your business (or better!) – while being of service in the highest way, and keeping you in flow, so your life unfolds with more ease and grace.

Join us and you’ll receive the training, mentoring and support you need to help you dramatically shorten your learning curve and save you months – even years – trying to achieve similar results on your own or in less comprehensive programs.

Oh, and did I mention that we have a whole bunch of FUN during the Training?

My commitment at Elevate Training® is to give you the 7 Module training, coaching, strategy and loving support you need to succeed, so that you’ll not only enjoy the experience, you’ll make some life-long business connections and collaborations as well as the guidance you need to set you on your path to success.

If this is exactly what you’ve been looking for, I can’t wait to welcome you to the program.

With love and magic,

Your Mindset, Marketing and Money Breakthrough Coach