Are You Having List Building Success?

Are You Having List Building Success?

How are you doing with getting prospects to know, like and trust you?

There are many ways out there currently that promise to build your list quickly, but building a smaller more qualified list is the secret to increasing your income.

It’s the difference between building a house out of straw versus building a house of brick.

Quality is the key.

It’s always better to have a smaller list of people who are engaged and buying, than a large list of people who rarely open your newsletter.

All that being said, the single most effective way to build a quality list right now is to GET OUT!

Get out of your house, get out from behind your computer and talk to people.

Sponsor events, attend events, speak, create your own workshops or events no matter how small, and start getting your name out there.
Talk to people at the grocery store, gas station and mall. Shake their hand and look them in the eye.

Think of places your target market would frequent and put yourself there.

The more people you meet face to face, the more impact you’ll have.

And when those people receive your newsletter, they will read it, because they know you.

You’ve already had a personal impact on them, and they’ll WANT to know what you’re offering next!

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