Monetise Your Mission

The Monetise Your Mission Training class

Monetise Your Mission

Recently I led a group of business owners through my latest webinar “Monetise Your Mission: 5 Steps To Making Marketing Easier, Attracting and Keeping More Money and Letting Your Income Rise…” 

I’m thrilled to share the recording with you (see below) so you can re-watch it if you’d like to see it again or watch it for the first time if you missed seeing it live.

If you believe that you were created for more, and you know you need a 2017 plan for it… and would like inspiration on what to do so you can start putting the pieces together in the right order, you’re going to love this webinar.

The feedback from the live call was incredible…

“You’ve helped me realise and be reminded to acknowledge achievements we have already had, how well we have already done. Loved the practical marketing advice too! Thank you!”  – Jackie

“Thanks so much Catherine for this webinar, really appreciate your time and delivering so much value! I’ve got so many ideas!” – Cate

I want you to experience the freedom to do what you love in the way that best works for you and fits your lifestyle with these tips I shared. Let’s clear up the areas where you are frustrated and you can discover the steps that will make this a lot easier!

You’ll love listening to some of the key concepts that I taught… Plus more!

Enjoy the simple path to building a plan for monetising your business that supports an awesome, abundant and ‘in flow’ 2017. 

==> Listen to the recording here!

Here’s to your success!

Catherine x

PS: If you’d like to get support, connections and an upleveling in your money, marketing and mindset come and join me and a group of like-minded Business-Owners-On-A-Mission at Inspire and Ignite in Queenstown or the Gold Coast. Super webinar pricing means you save $100s.

http://catherinenewton.com/events/ The promo code is EARLY17 to get your ticket for only $197

PSS: If you can’t make Inspire and Ignite but know that you need help with a Cashflow Infusion Plan, then go here to book the $49 special for 30 minutes with me… http://bit.ly/ConnectWithCatherine


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