The Rise VIP Day

Catherine’s VIP Rise Day packs months of coaching into a single, powerful day-long strategy session for those who want to go fast, dive deep and get rapid results.

Learn Step-by-Step How to Attract More Clients, Increase Your Sales and Create More Income in Your Business with a Strategic Plan in Place – all mapped out during this Rise VIP Day.

You will have my expertise as a successful coach, entrepreneur and sales consultant for a full day. In a private location in Auckland we’ll do in ONE DAY what you would do on your own in over 5 to 12 months or more!

As a V.I.P. Client, this is what it looks like…

We’ll look at where your business is today and create the vision you want for your business going forward. Together, we’ll uncover and identify what will make your business stand out from others, including getting you confident and clear on what makes you and your business SO UNIQUE!

I’ll help you where you need it most – including discovering your niche, attracting your ideal client, crafting your compelling sales message, lay out your personal Marketing Blueprint plan, step by step. We’ll identify your authentic sales and marketing strategy for bringing in more clients, develop a step-by-step system for your team that will quickly have you closing more sales. I’ll show you all the steps to take to sell and market your product or service that will quickly increase your income. You’ll have me by your side showing you EXACTLY what you need to know to grow your business.

We’ll also redesign your business to be a more viable business model, having you work less and make more, and begin delegating or systematising different aspects of your business, so you can focus ONLY on money-making strategies.

We’ll create new strategies for becoming a client magnet! We’ll prioritize your current projects, based on your objectives, resources, and timelines. Best of all, you’ll get an objective opinion, my honest feedback, and everything you need, including a fully complete Marketing Plan to take with you, so you start making a whole lot more money in your business and create the business of your dreams…within days of working with me!

You’ll leave with clear goals mapped out and a process for manifesting more in your business. Your money set point will be raised – as will your vibration!

Full day sessions are 7 hours and include 2 x 30 minute follow-up session, as well as 30 days of accountability. 

If you’re ready to play bigger and you’re serious about creating the business of your dreams, and you are open to the possibilities of creating some magic together – I look forward to assisting you to get there.


fast-tracking your Business Mindset and Marketing strategy in just 1 day while working purely on your business needs. Imagine cutting away months of frustration, having your business clearly mapped out for the next 12 months!

Here’s to your success!