Do you have a ritual on this Pisces New Moon?

Do you have a ritual on this Pisces New Moon

Do you have a ritual on this Pisces New Moon?

Do you have a ritual on this powerful Pisces New Moon?

Have you been setting your intentions? (I have and I don’t know about you, but there’s been some instant manifestations happening!!!)

I thought I’d share, there’s an important step that I love adding to my ritual.

My favourite way to create space and welcome in the new?


You may have heard the saying, “The Universe abhors a vacuum.”

When an energetic space is created (i.e. through fire), the Universe rushes in to fill it with something else. Hopefully, that something else is… what you Desire!

It’s easier for the Divine to bring you what you want if your energetic space is open.

To manifest new intentions, experiences or Desires, we must first create space. You need to release something of a lower nature to make room for something of a higher nature.

There are as many ways to release, clear and let go – and fire is a great way to release.

It’s time to write down your desires and burn them, releasing them to the greater good!

And if everything you desire to manifest is already here, and the WAY for it to come to you already exists…

… and you already know how to manifest…

… and you are a born learner…

… and you can change, adapt and grow at any stage…

… and there’s evidence of this all around you that you can have, create, receive what you want to manifest…

Then think of that bold, juicy manifesting goal you’re working on, release what’s in the way and put it into the fire and let it show itself!

From THIS place…I wonder what miracles await?

With love and manifesting,
Catherine <3

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