The 3 questions to ask to harness the possibilities of your business….

The 3 questions to ask to harness the possibilities of your business….

It’s time.

The moon is at its Fullest tonight and we’re being asked to prepare ourselves to let go of old habits and patterns that don’t serve us so that we can step into that which we ARE worthy of.

Now it’s REALLY time for you get super clear about what needs to happen for your business to move it forward.
It’s time to sit in the truth of your knowing that it is taking aligned, inspired action that will both fuel your soul and fill your bank account.

You’ve been doing a lot of work on yourself lately and with this you have a willingness to choose to move beyond what is comfortable and to move forward without wavering.

As the 2nd month of 2017 is upon us, you have a newfound faith.

So how do you make it happen?

You get that it’s about mastering your mindset (and your marketing) so that you can step forward to take bold inspired action allowing you to reach more people, make more of a difference in the world and of course receive more reward! In order to move yourself forward today ask yourself these questions so you CAN move forward with soul aligned, inspired action.


Question #1: What is important to you right now?
This is the magic. From my own experience and what I’ve seen with other entrepreneurs, until you ask yourself this question, you don’t have the focus or direction that’s needed and you can end up being scattered and out of alignment.
So, how do you do this? Focus on what is important now. Do you have immediate needs that require being met? Do you have a burning desire to affect more change with the work you do? Do you have a piece of work that needs completing? Only YOU can know what is MOST important for you to do today.

Write down what your highest needs are and what’s most important. From there you can begin to make a plan.


Question #2: If it’s ‘this or better’ then what better can come from this focus?

I’m a big believer in seeing the possibilities. So now that you’ve recognised what is truly important to meet your needs right now, the next thing to do is to allow yourself to be curious…‘Even though I don’t know what’s going to show up for me next and I’m not absolutely certain that I see all of the steps, I am committed to staying open to possibilities. I am willing. So if it’s ‘this or better’ then what better can come from this focus? I’m open to seeing it.’

This is the number one key to staying in that energy of flow.

As you start to live in the land of seeing possibilities and taking bold inspired action, you start to exercise the neural pathways in your brain so that being open to miracles is just your natural resting state. And you’ll find that the path forward to do that widens.


Question #3: “How can I?”

This is one of the most transformational questions you can ask yourself – and yet the simplest:
“How can I?” Now that you are ready to step into taking aligned inspired action and embracing the possibilities and you don’t know how, ask yourself (or The Divine) ‘How can I?’ ‘Show me.’Asking “How can I?” opens doorways.It gives you a choice.

You can choose to stay comfortable (or miserable if that is the case) or you can choose to be BOLD to step up to the next rung of the ladder energetically and practically and allow yourself to go even beyond what you currently imagine.

You may sense that you’re here for something important. That you’re here to be doing something great and in fact, in truth you are.

You already know on a cellular level that you are here for something big.

Now is the time.


I invite you to take the following steps:

1) Answer these questions…Question #1: What is important to you right now?
Question #2: If it’s ‘this or better’ then what better can come from this focus? What is the real cost of playing small, of hiding out?
Question #3: “How can I?” What do I need to do to it step into aligned inspired action? What are you willing to do?
To promote your business?
To share yourself?
To share your service?
To share your product? And, most importantly: How will you show up to serve those whom you are meant to serve?

2) Continue to consistently tap into this energy of possibility. One of the ways I do that is to surround myself with others who are open and willing and ready to be open to possibilities too. And in their stepping up, they call you forth to do the same. They call you to shine as you witness them shining and the more they step into their purpose, it pulls you, pendulums you up into your own.

3) Join me, and a group of like-minded Business Owners On a Mission for the upcoming Inspire and Ignite 3 day LIVE experience. Come and be around other movers and shakers, receive invaluable marketing secrets and business transformation from a heart-centered Master Coach and top of the line guest experts. http://catherinenewton.com/events/
Early bird finishes on February 12th. Come and expand your possibilities for your business.



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