Call it Mindset Coaching


Call it Marketing Consulting


Call it Money Breakthrough


Call it Manifesting Miracles

What I help you with is a


of all the above

so you get the

best results possible.

You see, I have spent years studying how the power and impact of the mind and spirit is crucial in creating success both personally and professionally.


I believe your success philosophy is simple:

Combine Your Deepest Passion, Develop Solid Business And Life Principles While Striving For Balance In All Areas Of Your Life.


As a multi-dimensional business coach I’m here to bring these components together into one complete, effective, consistent and inviting whole.

Because if you had an award winning expert guiding you by the hand, step-by-step, through the roadmap of life, enriching you to create the business and the marketing that kicks butt, could you get there faster?

You absolutely could!

If you’re ready to get your business plan and your lifestyle working together to invite more sales, more money and more time to do what you love… read below to learn the various ways I can help.


Click the links below to learn more about Catherine’s Coaching packages…

Ablaze is a Private 12-month Coaching program for the high-achiever who is ready to make a much bigger impact while leveraging her time and talents to take her business to a whole new level.
Evolve is a year-long Money, Marketing and Mindset Mastermind that will grow your thriving, profitable business with ease and flow, while establishing your credibility in the market.
Get Clarity and Confidence around Accelerating YOUR passion INTO A THRIVING AND SPIRITUALLY RICH BUSINESS with all the foundations laid out in this Live Seven Module Group Training.
The VIP Rise Day packs months of coaching into a single, powerful day-long strategy session for those who want support to go fast, dive deep and get rapid, aligned and profitable results.

I can show you…

The Mindset, Marketing and Money Tools That Remove All The Fear And Frustration Out Of Creating Success That Yields Results, And Takes You To The Next Level, Once And For All!

The choice is yours – do the same thing you’ve always done (and likely not experience any different results) or get ready to play your biggest game ever and walk away with the tools to get what you’ve always wanted in your life and your business. It’s all possible…but only if you have the right support to help you get there.

Not sure which


is for you?

 Click here to book a complimentary strategy session so that together, we can find out what you need right now.